About Lucid FC

Ludic FC Founders, Betts and Chet DeHartPhoto by Jaramey Aref


It is the culture of fashion, experimentation, function and subcultuters within that have grown to define Lucid FC: the heritage fashion brand established in 2010 in United States, in the Atlanta area, by the young twins, designer/curator, Chet DeHart and Director/Branding intellectual, Betts DeHart. In the early development stage, Lucid Footwear and Clothing developed their brand identity by releasing micro offerings accompanied by custom silhouette trainers and basic heritage tees, pullovers and polos.

After the twins proved a profuse landing piece after piece on the newest and latest faces, Lucid FC gained the versability, credibility and stability to introduce full RTW seasonal lines in 2014. Coming to fame in Manhattan, the promising saga embarked on the take over of the new generation, reinforcing the DNA of the brand and the symbolism of the Lucid FC logo.

Destined to become a symbol of proper streetstyle, applied to an innovative design, Lucid FC is known as the brand that’s redefined the common understanding of streetwear. Having gradually become a cultural phenomenon, still today it maintains its position as a contemporary point of reference for younger generations.

What is Lucid FC?

Since 2010, Lucid FC reflects a deeply British-American heritage design approach. Lucid FC promote freedom of fashion, gender and role with our iconic, strikingly recognisable logo, connecting as a cultural symbol. Which is rooted thru cutting edge fabrics produced in American, and sourced from England, France and Japan. Our signature flare ignites modern cut and design. A proper shirt, utilitarian workwear, functional outerwear, cool trousers, and a pair of trainers forge our signature look.

Our logo represents a lifestyle. Reflecting heritage values while introducting new function in design, we prodcue only trustworthy products. From each thread count, to the individually designed pattern cut; there is comfort in fashion.

Styles and visuals are a critically acclaimed by media outlets and fashions’ elite worldwide, the twins keep the world watching each season. Offering never before seen fashion and style to their consumers and supporters.

Notable Interviews and Press:

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MATERIALISTIC from Tyler Mitchell on Vimeo.